Do you have a License?
  • Yes, we are Licensed, Bonded & fully Insured. All certificates available upon request.
    Do you Subcontract your work out?
  • No, we like to have full control over the products & methods being used, your ensurance for uncompromised quality & service.
    Do you give Free Estimates?
  • Yes, You can reach us at 562-421-6040 to schedule an appointment or request an estimate here.
    What kind of repair work do you specialize in?
  • Most everything concerning or connected to decking: Sub Floor Plywood, Floor Joist, Fascia Boards, Drains, Scuppers, Flashings, Stucco Repairs, Railings, Stair Tread Replacement, etc.
    Should the existing Deck Surface be replaced or repaired and what products should we use?
  • At time of Estimate we will thoroughly inspect Deck Surface and Substrate then we will discuss and present various methods and products recommended for your specific needs.
    Will occupants have access?
  • The access will be limited between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm on working days. Should special accommodations be requested, they can usually be met if job foreman is notified before 8:00 am.
    What’s your Warranty?
  • On complete Systems a minimum of 5 years Material and Labor. Warranty can be extended 5 additional years for the Life of your Deck when Resealed with Deck-Em within a 5 year period. Custom Warranties may be available upon request.
    Will the workers leave the property clean?
  • Yes All construction debris (demo) will be picked-up. Your property will be left as clean or cleaner than it was found.
    What do you recommend to clean the Deck with?
  • Routine cleaning with short haired Deck Brush and water. For persistent Stains Jasco TSP or similar products.
    When should we Reseal our Decks?
  • We recommend every 3 to 5 Years depending on the amount of exposure. We offer Free Inspections and written recommendations. (Please see "What’s Your Warranty" above).